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Guided Tour of MPExporter: Interactive Web Maps

MPExporter can export MapPoint data into an interactive web map that utilizes either the Google Maps Javascript control or the Bing Maps AJAX Control.

MPExporter panel set to export a Bing Maps page (click for larger view)

Using Bing Maps

This example uses Bing Maps. Note that when you set the output type to either of the HTML options, MPExporter will display two additional options.

The first is the API Key or Identifier. In order to use either the Bing Maps API or the Google Maps API, you will need an API key from the vendor (Microsoft or Google respectively). Enter the key here. Or if you are using a template language, you could enter the key's variable name and it will be substituted into the HTML.

MPExporter will also display a checkbox that lets you create a HTML fragment. This simply omits the <html> and <body> tags, allowing the resulting HTML to be included into a larger template.

Next, we look at the SVG functionality.

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