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Guided Tour of MPExporter: SVG Vector Files

MPExporter set to export a map of the US to SVG using the Albers Equal Area projection

Exporting to SVG

MPExporter can also export to SVG (Simple Vector Graphics) vector files for use in graphical applications, web display. etc. SVG images are scalable, making them perfect for graphic design and presentation applications.

Because SVG images are for 'flat' paper rather than a spherical Earth, MPExporter supports a range of different map projections and coordinate systems, enabling the conversion of MapPoint's geographic coordinates into industry standard 'flat' maps.

Resulting SVG map using the Albers Equal Area projection

An example: The Albers Equal Area Projection

This is an example of a map of US population that has been converted to an SVG image using the Albers Equal Area Projection. This projection has the useful feature of maintaining relative areas - a feature that is missing from Google Maps and Bing Maps, and essential for geo-statistical applications.

Next, we look at the Maptitude functionality.

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