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Guided Tour of MPExporter: Maptitude® Maps

Sample airline late flight map ready for MPExporter (click for larger image)

Exporting to Maptitude®

MPExporter can also export to Caliper®'s Maptitude® product. Maptitude® is a powerful GIS and geospatial analysis product. It is capable of supporting all of MapPoint's data map types, as demonstrated by this example.

Here we have the MapPoint map from the Airline Delays Case Study. This consists of a shaded area dataset of average snowfall as a proxy for climate, and a sized pie chart showing the number of airline flights and the proportion that were late.

Resulting airline late flight map in Maptitude(R) (click for larger image)

And here is the same map exported to Maptitude®. You can see that the pie charts and shaded area datasets have both been exported, complete with MapPoint's color schemes.

MPExporter can export all of MapPoint's data map types to Maptitude using the same display format (sized circles, bar charts, etc).

As with the other output formats, it is not able to export territories to Maptitude due to the lack of territory support in MapPoint's programming interface. However, it can export all of the annotation/drawing objects such as lines, arrows, text boxes, and ellipses.

Next, we look at the Excel functionality.

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