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Guided Tour of MPExporter: Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Sample airline late flight map ready for MPExporter (click for larger image)

Exporting to Microsoft® Excel®

MPExporter can also export MapPoint datasets to Microsoft Excel. Note that this export capability is limited to datasets. Excel worksheets are a natural format for MapPoint dataset data – indeed many such datasets are created from Excel. However, other MapPoint data such as drawing annotation and route data are not. Therefore MPExporter does not try to shoe-horn these types of information into Excel.

In this example we use the MapPoint map from the Airline Delays Case Study. This is the same map we used in the Maptitude® example. This map consists of a shaded area dataset of average snowfall as a proxy for climate, and a sized pie chart showing the number of airline flights and the proportion that were late.

Sample airline late flight data in Excel (click for larger image)

And here are the two datasets exported to Excel® by MPExporter. Each dataset has been written to its own worksheet (airports, snowfall). The airports worksheet is visible. All of the data fields have been exported, along with MapPoint's own geocoding information (longitude, latitude). In fact, this option could be used as a component of a batch geocoding process that used MapPoint to geocode a set of locations and MPExporter to extract them with their coordinates.

MPExporter automatically highlights the fields used as data map values (i.e. the pie slices) in a light cyan color.

This concludes the MPExporter Guided Tour.

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